Everyone – even who knows Warren Buffett – should watch this documentary.


Recently, I stumbled upon a tweet by Mr. Gates enjoining people to watch a documentary film on Warren Edward Buffett.

becoming warren buffett

“I like numbers,” Warren Buffett says in his recent documentary about his life. “It started before I could remember. It just felt good, working with numbers.”

The film documents the day-to-day personal life of the 86-year-old and includes Buffett’s home videos, family photographs, and archival footage.

HBO lined up the scenario something like this:

With a net worth of over $60,000,000,000, Warren Buffett is truly a one-of-a-kind billionaire. Now 86 years old, the legendary investor still lives in a modest home in Omaha, and continues to drive himself to the office every morning to manage Berkshire Hathaway, the fifth-largest public company in the world. This documentary chronicles Buffet’s evolution into one of the wealthiest and most respected men in the world. Allowing the filmmakers to record intimate details of his day-to-day personal life, as well as access to never-before-released home movies and family photographs, Buffett is seen in this candid portrait of a man possessed of a truly unique, generous and fertile mind.

The documentary describes the perfect combination of all the aspects of Warren’s life.

You will get to know everything about Warren Buffett. How he started his career, what are his investment philosophies and how WallStreet Opening bells decide his McDonald meals?

Becoming Warren Buffett

Isn’t it interesting?

He first started his small venture with a weighting machine at a very young age which he read in a book “1000 ways to make 1000 dollars“.

He spent his childhood selling newspapers, Coca-Cola, chewing gums.  Later in his life, bought these companies or a part of them like Washington Newspaper, Coca-cola.

He kept emphasizing in his documentary that each penny he earned back in his childhood worked in compounding manner to create millions and billions of money.

“Compounding makes it happen” is the phrase he quoted many times in his doc. very well said by Einstein “compounding is the 8th wonder of the world”.

The documentary had covered all person who is directly or indirectly connected to Warren Buffett. Mentors. Family. Friends.

Related: Bill Gates blog on his experience with Warren Buffett on their recent visit to Columbia University (dated: Feb 1, 2017).

He applied to Columbia University and saw names of Graham and Dodds in University’s faculty. Warren had already read their books on investment so he approached them and asked “I thought you were dead but as if you’re alive now, can you assist me in getting knowledge of Stock Market”

And Warren points this movement as a professional curving of his life.

You will also get to know about his company Berkshire Hathaway in the doc. How Berkshire Hathaway operate? How many subsidiaries does it hold? and How it manage to rank 4th in top 500 fortunes?Becoming Warren Buffett

He had gathered almost all the news shots of all major stock market crash, he faced in past. He said “It’s just a reminder for anything can happen in the stock market” ….so stay informed before it happens.

One more remarkable action of Warren Buffett is the largest ever philanthropist charity, he did his wife’s death. His wife was a great source of inspiration for this action.

As per estimation, if Warren Buffett had not given any charity, his wealth would have been over 100 billion, considering the compounding effect.

He had donated around 29 billion till now as charity.

Again, as Bill Gates tweeted – “I hope everyone, even those who think they know Warren well, should watch this film.”

At least, every stock market lover should watch it. Here is a YouTube video of Becoming Warren Buffett. Have fun! (or bookmark the page).

All the Images in this article are from Documentary Becoming Warren Buffett.