I started my digital venture back in January’16.

When I started, I was flat but I took a vow that I’ll assist each and every person who have doubts regarding Stock Market. Personally or publicly.

It was a real sense of motivation to see people leaving back all the positives for helping them with their doubts.

Ask here anything. I’ll read & respond to each & every query.

If something confidential, we can get in touch through email – investor@sowmayjain.com

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  • Lawrence A

    Hi Sowmay
    I started trading in 2007 because of my friend. He used to tell me buy this or sell this and I used to listen to him. In the process I had lost close to Rs. 100000. I stopped trading. That was too much for me. I still have about 4 stocks that is now worth only Rs. 3000.
    Having said that I would want to start afresh. I would like to earn. This time without any knowledge of the markets I do not want to lose more money. Hence I request you to kindly guide me in my endeavour like you do for others.
    Thanks Bro.

    • Hi Lawrence. Why don’t you enroll our 14 day challenge. We will start (step by step) from scratch on how to successfully get started Investing. The challenge is starting from 21st of Nov. Hurry up!


  • Kedarnath Talisetty

    Hi Sowmay, i am looking for your Quora post were you have wrote about how to start investing in stocks. Its a very long post. I missed it somewhere. Can you share the link to tkedarinath@gmail.com please. Thank you

  • Malyadri Sangana

    Hi Sowmay, which is the best portfolio website?

  • Karthik Rajasekaran

    HI sowmay ,why is your article on pincon spirit passsword protected? i would like to read the post if its not an issue

  • bipin kaurani

    Hi Sowmay,
    Was extremely interested in Jubilant foods since its quoting close to its 52 weeks low, also demonitization could have a major hit on its Q3 results, and looks good to accumulate from a 1 year horizon. How do I back up my gut feeling with research. Would you be able to guide me through it. Thanks a lot.

  • mukul kapoor

    Hi Sowmay, Your blogs are really great. I have just completed three basic books – stocks to riches, rich dad poor dad and the little book that still beats the market. Can you suggest some books that can help understanding stocks with respect to technical indicators and provide understanding of all technical jargons??

    • For understanding technical jargons, Google search is enough. Books are just meant to read the minds of other great Investors and their strategy. Don’t forget to read this book by Pat Dorsey – http://amzn.to/2gnHI9h

  • Kanwar Dhillon

    Hi sowmay, i want to start investing i have read some books and have basic knownledge about stock markets also i am learning about analysing financial statements what i have been able to find out that to invest successfully business acumen is needed.. but i don’t know about business that much. What makes a business great.. if we take financial ratios in account what number is good what is bad i don’t know these things.. same ratio is good in one business and bad in another please help me to clear my confusions. please tell me any book that can help me clear my confusions.

  • You need to search it on Google and find out the reliable source. Match all of the sources you find to check the relevance. However, I found – shareboss.in – as the best site to check the portfolio of Big players.