Hi, this is Sowmay. I’m a…
. . . Smart Contract Expert.
It’s been over a year I started programming solidity and interacting with smart contracts on ethereum blockchain.
I’ve been lucky to be involved in a few projects, so I’m used to getting introduced to developers building contracts. It’s fun to see how people are building the future and a good way to give back.
Acknowledgment to my brother, Samyak for building stuffs together. So far we had built a Fund Managing Protocol on Ethereum Blockchain (MoatFund) & a Dapp which simplify the process of smart contract interaction (Conteract) & a dapp on top of Kyber Swap with amazing user experience (Easwap).
We are also very delighted to be selected as a winning project at Asia's biggest Ethereum Hackathon ETHIndia, Bengaluru where we build a resolver contract and dapp (InstaDapp) on top of MakerDAO CDP protocol to simplify the loan taking process to great extent.
. . . Full Stack Developer.
I'm skilled enough to quickly built any type of full stack webapps. I had build over a couple dozen websites, webapps and wordpress sites.
My first project (Fintrig) is still alive and used by many investors. I’m a big fan of making stuff. Ping me and we can geek out!
Acknowledgment to Ishan for his assistance in projects.
. . . Blogger & Writer.
I had written over few hundred detailed and illustrative articles on finance and technology genre.
I'm not any sort of Guru. I simply know a little bit more than the basics and truly enjoy sharing in any way I can.
Check out my Blog, Medium & Quora profiles for content.
. . . Strict Jain.
I spent my high school in a Jain Institute ( Managalayatan ) where I learned about Jainism and truly inspired by its philosophies.
We had started a project to digitalize Jainism ( JinSwara ) and currently building a webapp to revolutionize the way we do digital swadhyay ( jainism.tech ).
Acknowledgment to Divya for her assistance in projects.
Dropped out.
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Let's talk.
You can email me hey@sowmayjain.com
If it’s urgent, you may also consider tweeting me @sowmay_jain