How to Track BSE Announcements and make Better Investment Decisions

If you want to create a successful investing career, it’s important to stay updated with recent actions of invested (or watchlist) stocks. Luckily, BSE website has a dedicated section to help you get all the recent updates of all the company’s listed on BSE (or NSE).

Earlier, I listed 4 Sources that help you to analyze stock trends more productively. Now it’s time to discuss with the best and fastest alternate to track stocks.

In this article, I’ll show how you can use BSE announcements to track stocks and make better investment decisions. Additionally, I’ll also introduce a tool to make your tracking more effective.

Brief Overview

If you’re following BSEIndia on twitter then you would have probably come over this tweet (or something similar) in your feed:

Time to time, BSE keep tweeting some chunks of important announcements on twitter.

BSE website provides a dedicated section on their website to see all the announcements of different companies in real time. It updates every minute.bse ann

These announcements are some sort of circular issued by companies whenever something important (which might affect investment decision) happens or might happen. For example:

Something happens: “Change in director”, “Allotment of ESOP shares” etc.

Might happen in future: “Approval of Buy-back of shares”, “Schedule of con calls” etc.

Previously, I used Easy Auto Refresh Chrome Extension to see all the changes every minute.

But the problem was, I can’t stay stuck to BSE website all day to check whether there are any announcements related to my stock. And BSE doesn’t have any alerting service to get notified about changes.

What if I only want to see the announcement of selected stocks, out of shit loads of >3500 stocks? And what if my device is not online?

Long story short, can I somehow get instant alerts of only some selected stocks?

For this purpose, I need a system which will track all the announcements on BSE website and simply send me an alert whenever the company – I’m tracking – makes announcements.

And guess what? I have a solution which I’m gonna explain in the second half of this article but first, let me show you, how much meaningful BSE announcements are.

You can use BSE announcements for 2 purposes:

First, simply stay updated with all the announcements of your selected companies.

Second, make money out of short-term volatility in the market due to some crazy BSE announcements.

Later sounds crazy. Let me illustrate some real examples.

Recently, TCS announced giant buy-back of 2.85% shares which leads to 3.5% instant gain in stock prices and nearly at the same time a BSE announcement showed up:

TCS spiked in that period:


For more authenticity, cross-check the time of the BSE announcements and price fluctuation. You’ll hardly see any difference in time.

This example will blow your mind. Manali PetroChem. This stock sour around 11% on the acquisition of a UK-based entity. BSE announcement is as follow:

And in that period of few days, the stock jumped almost >40%.

Heck! 40% gain in a couple of weeks. I was holding this stocks at that time and still holding it. Great future. However – later on – market also took a turn around.

Manali PetroChem:    

This is how you can find hidden gems but only if you analyze the announcements properly.

Hundreds of announcements appear on BSE every day and not all of them are equally weighted. So you need to figure out, which one have impulse effect on stock prices.

Another reason for tracking BSE announcements is to stay updated with company’s corporate actions like buy-back, con calls dates & transcripts etc.

Now, let’s talk about the web app to set alerts for instant notifications.

Set Alerts for BSE Announcements

Previously, I was using some backend script to get notified about every segregated announcement on BSE.

Found it extremely useful and provided it a good user interface so general public can also access my scripts through a simple web app. It tracks all the announcements on BSE website and accordingly alerts the subscribers of the stock.

You can access this web application at It provides you a minimal dashboard where you can add/remove your desired stocks.

You can add as many stocks you want but remember, free plans only include 25 monthly free alerts which would be enough for your initial takeoff.

Currently, it supports 2 types of alerts:

  • Email.
  • Pushbullet.
  • SMS (coming soon).

For mobile push alerts, you can download Pushbullet mobile apps from respective stores which indirectly, makes our web app accessible on every device.

Android ||  iOS

And if you work on the desktop all day, you can install the Pushbullet browser extension for instant push alerts at the right bottom of your screen like this:

I aggressively use Pushbullet browser extension. It helps me for fast executions and alerts.

And a simple click on the notification (on both browser and mobile) will lead you to the information page:

This is a sample alert of an announcement of Motilal Oswal Ltd.

I guess – you might be wondering – what are that 2 big colorful buttons?

That’s the Zerodha Execution buttons. If you find the announcement promising, you can instantly transact the related stocks through this buttons.

Click >>> kite trade popup >>> provide & configure the details >>> place order >>> popup closed.

Simple, isn’t it?

Come’on. Try executing an order. Here are buttons to buy/sell SBI stock:


Zerodha is the best technological broker. As per the current growing estimations, it will break the barriers in foreseeable future and will rule the brokering market of India.

Not yet register with Zerodha? Give it a try.

I’m also working on a project using Zerodha Kite Connect API to create a whole different interface for execution. Will not spoil the excitement now but if anybody wants to join, let me know. (We are using NodeJS env. on the server, react to create the frontend and react-native for mobile app).

Back to our topic.

If you’re not a person who like push alert popups then you should surely use email alerts. The email also contains all the information from the stock name to the direct pdf link to the curriculum issued by the company.

And most possibly, you’re using Gmail as your email provider and Gmail automatically marks all the time & dates in the email as “Add to Calendar” (illustrated above). Click it and add it to your calendar.

Mainly, it is used in the cases of con calls. Companies announce the dates of the future con calls on BSE website. You can add it directly to your calendar with one click.

That’s how you make sure, you never lost any important dates and announcements of your preferred stocks.

Now, we are in the process to add SMS alerts and adding more range of alerts like price, technical, fundamental etc. Will soon update whenever hit a milestone.

Again, here is the link to the web app:

That’s all for now. Have suggestions? Let me know in comments.

Updated 1

Recently, Cairn UK is slammed with huge capital gain charges, as tweeted by CNBC – TV18:

And within few minutes of news get aired off, I received an email from BSE sought clarification on the matter from Cairn India.

And the same was reflected on the BSE Website. Anyway, I was not holding Cairn India but this stock is on my watch.

Now I guess – you can figure out – how instant notification of this small piece of information is useful for those who have an interest in Cairn India company.

Cairn India:    

BSE announcement is an awesome place where you can get many early mover advantages. It’s mandatory for every company to report to BSE and sometimes BSE seeks clarifications (above case) from companies for safeguarding mass retail investors of India.

I hope BSE Alerts will evolve as a big problem solver for Indian Investor Community.

Update 2

Some people are curious to know how to use PushBullet with Here’s a quick explanation.

PushBullet is extensively used for notification purpose. It has a wide range of apps supported on almost all the platforms (Android, iOS, windows etc).

All the push alerts on BSE Alerts are routed through PushBullet – that means – if you want instant push alerts (like you receive Whatsapp notifications) then configure/enable in your BSE Alerts account settings.

How to configure/enable?

First of all, download PushBullet mobile app (or install the browser extension for desktop) and create an account. Make sure you enable the Pushbullet notifications (in mobile app setting) on your device.

Then, in your BSE Alerts account, navigate to Settings and add your PushBullet associated email address under the section “Alert Emails”. You’ll instantly receive a PushBullet verification alerts, click it to verify.

Also, make sure that you checked the “PushBullet” option under “Choose your preferred alert type” section” of your settings page. (Note: If you don’t need email alerts, you can disable it under the same section).

You’re all set. If still have any problem, comment below or email me personally.

  • Pranay Jack

    There were several stocks like ENIL, Piramyl enterprises couldn’t be added in fintrig watchlist?

    • Hi Pranay,
      For piramal, you need to use “PEL” and for Enil, you need to use “ENT NETWORK”.
      I’m working making the stock searching more convenient, until then you can ask me.

      • Pranay Jack

        Thank you , Jain

  • I doubt if screener provides instant alerts. Their emails are bundled, right? And also, did they provide all information like direct PDF links etc. And I’m working aggressively on this initiative, further, we will introduce price, technical, fundamental alerts, and lot more. Currently, what differentiate us – push alerts (pushbullet) supported on any platform, zerodha button integration for quick transactions.

  • Limit for WhatsApp broadcast is 256.Over and above they don’t provide API to access their app through scriptings and not possible to send alerts manually so pushbullet is the best option.

  • Jayakumar

    I am not able to add Reliance Capital, SMS Pharma, Sintex Industries,Ortinlab,Anantraj, Eldeco, Bajaj electrical

    • I tried every stock on my side. All perfect. In case you copy-paste the word, then you might face the problem. Currently, try to type first 4 to 5 words, it will automatically suggest you name. I’m working on making the search more convenient.
      You can find all the stocks as follows:

      Reliance Capital = REL.CAP.
      SMS Pharma = SMS PHARMACE
      Sintex Industries = SINTEX IND.
      Ortinlab = ORTINLAABS
      Anantraj = ANANTRAJ
      Eldeco = ELDECO HOUS.
      Bajaj electrical = BAJAJ ELECT.


    I am confused how to use fintring with pushbullet… How it can be used?

    • @MANISH I had updated the article above. Refer “Update 2” at the end.

  • kkreddi

    hello Mr. Jain
    Is there a way to lookup SME category shares also? I am looking for RMC Switchgear but not able to add.


    • Stock added in the database. Try again by using BSE code.

      • kkreddi

        Dear Sowmay

        I am still not able to add RMC Switchgear (M group) share to fintrig. Please look into.


        • You can add these stock using it’s BSE code (540358). It’s working.

          • kkreddi

            Thanks Sowmay.. yes it works with BSE code. Appreciate you time and help!

  • Hi Alok,

    If you prefer all the announcement notifications by the end of the day in a single email then screener is all you need. However, to get instant alerts and accordingly transact the stocks (if you are a Zerodha client), you should use fintrig.

    And our new update will change the way investors track BSE circulars. i.e. Keyword based alerts, instead of adding stocks you can add high impacting keywords. Hope you’re subscribed to Fintrig newsletter.

  • Hi Abhinav,

    We rolled out a new feature which gonna change the way investors track BSE circulars before. Get alerts based on high impacting keywords. Instead of adding stocks, just add keywords that matter. Coming up with many other updates. We are working on a infrastructure where users can poll to sort out the best BSE circulars.

    However, if is fulfilling your all needs then its good to continue with them.

  • Koushik Das (Kou)

    Wow! Such a useful tool! As a developer, I am really impressed by your app. It works so well.
    As a dev, I am curious on how it runs in the back end.
    Do you scrap content using dom parser or something and how are you getting the stock names after I type the stock code eg- rel gives reliance, rel cap etc. ?
    I can’t find any api free. How you do it?

    • Thank you, Koushik. BSE Exchange provides data in XML format which is changeable. Currently, I’m using Cheerio on NodeJS.

      • Dharmesh Vasani

        Hello Sowmay

        I like your blog.
        It is very nice. I am also NodeJs Developer and if you need any help please contact me on my Gmail
        Mobile number 09898912233

        • Can you send me any of your existing projects?

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    thanks for article..Valuable info.

  • Appreciated Sushanth.

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    i want to join the service.What are the charges ?


    Wonder full discussion.Thanks for sharing this How to Track BSE Announcements and make Better Investment Decisions.