Featuring them above doesn’t mean that they are my preferred brokers.

A Quick Announcement: Results are out. I had published an article on The Preferred Broker backed by a research I conducted for months based on the information collected from +500 retail investors through the following Questionnaire form.

There are so many brokers out and everyone’s telling you – they are best. Who do you listen to? Where’s the starting point?

Dammit, maybe you should just forget it – it’s too confusing!

Well, hold up. Like you, I used to be a newbie too. I’ve been trading now for over a long time. I have seen brokers come and go. So I am constantly updating my “preferred” brokers list based on the changes happening in the industry.

Most traders and investors don’t know that all brokers aren’t created equal. In other words, online brokers are very different from each other.

A mistake most people make when they first decide to start trading/investing is to sign up with a broker they see advertised on the internet or suggested by any inexperienced person without doing any kind of research on the broker.

Not all my preferred brokers are the same either. Some are appropriate for some of my readers while other brokers are better for others.

I get dozens of emails a day about which broker is the “best” and I don’t have the time to answer those questions. To remedy this, I put together a few questions that should help in the selection process.

Fill out the form below and I with my small team will soon come up with the best brokers – based on the data we are collecting here. Few seconds, please!

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